The concrete coatings industry has come a long way since the days when your options were limited to a quickcrete tan epoxy garage floor or the limited selection of garage floor epoxy colors available. The current selection of decorative options offered by Guardian Coating Solutions is nearly endless in colors and styles ranging from:

1. 100’s of decorative chip options in various sizes.
2. Solid color commercial floors, yes solid colors can be used on garage floors too.
3. The latest innovation is stained concrete floors.

Everyone has his or her own taste for color and style. With so many options it’s nearly impossible for us to show you them all here, but we have added a few samples of our most popular chip selections.

Please feel free to give us a call at 206-706-8800 to let us help you find the style and color option that’s perfect for your project.

Color chips comes in many styles and size with the most common being a ¼ inch chip. Custom graphics can be applied in any shape or size in between coats becoming permanent. Contact us for more information.


Beach ¼ Chip

Charcoal Gray ¼ Chip

Deep Brown ¼ Chip

Dream Blue ¼ Chip

Gray Granite ¼ Chip

Raging Red ¼ Chip

Tan Granite ¼ Chip

Tan Haze ¼ Chip

Mars Gray ¼ Chip

River Rock ¼ Chip

Summer Day ¼ Chip

Tuxedo ¼ Chip


Signature Series Blends

Quartz Blends

Metallic Epoxy Color Chart

Acid Stain Color Chart