Our Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings are the crux of our floor coating system. The result is vastly superior to garage floor polyurethane and diluted polyaspartics that are flooding the market.


  1. Waterproofing – Concrete is previous to moisture vapor, continually projecting air holes and veins to the surface. If you closely observe a piece of concrete, you will notice countless minute air holes. Hydrostatic and capillary pressure moves moisture to the surface creating RH (Relative Humidity). Humidity in your garage or industrial facility may be rusting anything made of steel or metal. After grinding the concrete surface, air holes are exposed.  The primer coat of our epoxy absorbs into the pores like water into a sponge. When cured, the coating is part of your floor, not merely stuck to the surface like some coatings and floor paint.  This absorption process caps off moisture, prevents failure and protects the surface from tire marks and harmful chemicals.
  2.  Cove Molding – Notice, in the garage featured below, how we applied the coating upwards along the wall. In this project we installed cove moldings along all interior edges and then applied our polyurea. This feature creates a seamless basin making the floor easy to clean while protecting your walls from potential water damage.
  3. Non Slip Floor Coating – We can build a Coefficient of Friction (COF) into your floor providing a non slip or non skid feature that exceeds OSHA recommended levels. By building non slip aggregate into the coating, rather than applying it topically, the COF will not wear out or dislodge from wear and tear.
  4. Concrete Repair and Restoration – Our coating process page describes, in detail, the steps we take to fix cracks and spalling as well as how we grind the floor to create a flat surface. This concrete restoration process is critical to the performance of any coating. We have worked tirelessly to develop our surface preparation skills. This is the most important step to create a beautiful, high performance floor. We grind every floor to remove impurities like rust, oil or grease, creating a smooth, flat surface.

Epoxy / Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating Application

Numerous colors and decorative chips in various sizes are available. We can also provide you with custom colors and graphics to enhance floor design.

Typically we apply a thick base coat that soaks into the concrete followed by a high build top coat. Cure time is extremely rapid, shortening the downtime for use. Floors can be used the day following application.

Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

The cleaning process is simple, inexpensive and labor saving. The main tools are a stiff bristle broom, neoprene squeegee, warm water and small amount of bleach or detergent.