Commercial Bathroom Floors That Are Safe, Easy To Clean And Sparkling

Our Epoxy / Polyaspartic coatings are an ideal choice for commercial bathroom floors because of their salient benefits. Hygiene is one of the major components in commercial bathrooms. Since these are high traffic areas likely to experience urine and poop, they must be easy to clean up and maintain. You certainly can’t afford to let dirt accumulate, as that will breed bacteria. Apart from all this, your bathroom floor must look great, enhancing your  design with the right ambiance to attract customers.

Our coating gives you all these benefits and more:

  • A hygienic bathroom floor that is ultra-smooth and does not accumulate dirt or pool water. Epoxy / Polyaspartic coatings prevent bacteria growth with a highly decorative result for restaurant and commercial kitchen floor design. After we resurface your concrete floor with our unique floor coating, your floor only needs routine maintenance.
  • An easy to clean, low-maintenance concrete floor using just a neoprene squeegee and a broom to get rid of spills.
  • A safe non-slip commercial bathroom floor that meets and exceeds OSHA standards. We build non-slip aggregate into each floor layer.
  • A highly durable odor-free floor that is almost permanent because of the specialized epoxy polyaspartic coating.
  • The option of unlimited decorative options through decorative chips and custom floor graphics. Custom logos and emblems can be designed with an infinite color choice to enhance your bathroom design.

How We Enhance Your Restaurant Design and Commercial Kitchen Floor

Perfect surface preparation using specialized equipment and experienced professionals lays the foundation for transforming an ordinary concrete floor into a durable and beautiful one. We grind the concrete floor to make it smooth and level using specialized dustless floor-grinding equipment. If old tiles, epoxy flooring or other substances need to be removed, we do that too, working carefully around drain pipes and other openings.

Around the edges of the concrete floor, cove molding can be applied to facilitate thorough floor cleaning without water seeping under the walls. This is especially relevant for commercial bathroom flooring.