The Perfect Solution for Dog Kennel Floors

Our Epoxy / Polyaspartic coating prevents the growth of bacteria and kennel cough, which are major problems in most dog kennels. If you are looking for a hygienic concrete floor that resists bacteria and maintains a healthy environment for your dog kennel, Epoxy / Polyaspartic coating is the perfect solution.

Epoxy / Polyaspartic Coatings for Dog Kennel Flooring Prevents Kennel Cough

One of the most common problems in dog kennels is kennel cough. Dogs need a healthy environment that is clean. If the floor is dirty, dogs develop an upper respiratory viral infection called kennel cough. Epoxy / Polyaspartic coating on concrete dog kennel floors can prevent this. The coating has a tight molecular structure that keeps microscratches to a minimum. Microscratches are a breeding ground for bacteria because of their tendency to retain dirt and moisture.

Minimizing Bacterial Growth On Your Dog Kennel Floor

The floor coating process starts with grinding the top layer of the concrete which removes the high spots and creates a level surface. In areas floor drains we take considerable care to follow the contour of the surface allowing to water to properly flow to the drain.

We install cove moldings along interior walls which creates a basin. There is no risk of water getting under the walls during excessive cleaning.

Minimal micro scratching of your finished coating prevents bacterial growth from building. Simple cleaning with a neoprene squeegee is highly effective and labor-saving.

Because Epoxy / Polyaspartic coating can be finished to a gloss, your dog kennel flooring will also make for brighter lighting. When floors wear from excessive use, polyureas can be lightly sanded and recoated. The quick cure feature will enable return to use within 12-24 hours.

Thus, with our Epoxy / Polyaspartic coating, your dog kennel floor is hygienic, low maintenance, scratch resistant, easy to clean and antibacterial, preventing kennel cough.